Smokey Oil Sauce

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This wonderful smokey oil sauce is from a family recipe that has it’s humble beginnings based on –  a lack of tomatoes! Over the years, I have added a few ingredients to the sauce and it became a treasured family secret – made for special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now, not just around for special occasions, Smokey Oil Salsa is one of our customers favorites!



My mother, Maria de los Angeles, developed the recipe, calling it “A Poor People Salsa.” When I asked why it didn’t have tomatoes she answered, “because tomatoes spoil and dried peppers don’t”.  At 6 years old, that answer made no sense; I blamed it on a lack of a refrigerator! My mother hand-ground the dried peppers in a Molcajete, (because we didn’t own a blender).  My siblings and I would smother fresh corn tortillas in the delicious sauce and enjoy them – adding nothing else.

All our products are meticulously handmade in very small batches. Due to this process, there may be slight variations from one bottle to the next. Such variations are inherent in the preparing of handmade products, as a result you may expect minor differences between bottles of sauce.

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Weight 10 oz

1 review for Smokey Oil Sauce

  1. Justin Kerr

    How is there no review on this yet, this stuff is amazing! I’m a bit of a hot sauce nerd, so I was very skeptical of a “smokey oil sauce” in a Mexican food restaurant. But I tried just a little first, on a tortilla chip, and was quite surprised. So I grabbed another chip and loaded it up with more smokey oil sauce, and then another, and another…. and I had to stop because I had gone through a basket of chips and a half a bottle of oil sauce, and I still had to eat my dinner that I hadn’t ordered yet. So I highly recommend, try some. Get some.

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